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A5 Wagyu Ribeye - Hyogo Prefecture

A5 Wagyu Ribeye - Hyogo Prefecture

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~Slices will be delivered frozen as Hyogo Prefecture Wagyu melts at about 20degrees~


Home to world's famous Kobe and Tajima Wagyu, Hyogo Prefecture does not disappoint. Hyogo Prefecture is the foundation of world-famous Kobe-branded Black Wagyu beef and Hyogo’s Tajima-strain genetics – sharply focused on marbling traits have been supremely influential in Wagyu breeding outside Japan since the early 1990s. Within Japan, Tajima is identified as a vital influence in the genetic composition of high performance Black Wagyu selected for marbling, growth and yield.

The most popular breed of Wagyu is the Japanese Black, accounting for over 90% of the country’s cattle. Within the Japanese Black breed, there are three bloodlines—Tajima, Kedaka and Shimane—and only pure Tajima, bred, raised and slaughtered in the Hyogo Prefecture are certified as Kobe beef. Wagyu from the Tajima bloodline is prized for its ability to develop extremely high degrees of marbling, and each year, only a few thousand cows are certified Kobe, making it exceedingly rare.

Calves are given only the very best feed - rice straw, maize, barley and other cereals - and receive only fresh, clean water to drink. Their meat matures to the ideal quality and texture from the minimum age of 28 months upwards, and at an average age of 32 months.

Hyogo Prefecture Wagyu's well-marbled meat is known for its refined, rich sweetness and unique aroma.


A5 Wagyu is an experience as much as a meal. We recommend cooking your A5 Wagyu one at a time in small strips and eating as you cook to fully savor it. The Japanese cut for 200g is much thinner than the American cuts (< 0.5inches thick).

Your A5 Wagyu will arrive frozen and can easily be defrosted overnight in the refrigerator. We highly recommend cutting it into thin strips and searing on a stainless steel pan (not over open flame).